Star Hill Ranch Wedding: Elizabeth and Patrick

One thing I adore about Elizabeth and Patrick is that not only are they totally in love, but are also really good friends (who know how to throw one heck of a party). From the Cowboy Church pastor riding into the ceremony on a steer, to the spontaneous karaoke at the reception, this hill country wedding was rich with laughter and excitement. Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs! Visit the full gallery for more photos... 2014-05-31_0035.jpg 2014-05-31_0001.jpg 2014-05-31_0003.jpg 2014-05-31_0002.jpg 2014-05-31_0005.jpg 2014-05-31_0006.jpg 2014-05-31_0007.jpg 2014-05-31_0004.jpg 2014-05-31_0011.jpg 2014-05-31_0010.jpg 2014-05-31_0009.jpg 2014-05-31_0013.jpg 2014-05-31_0012.jpg 2014-05-31_0014.jpg 2014-05-31_0015.jpg 2014-05-31_0016.jpg 2014-05-31_0021.jpg 2014-05-31_0022.jpg 2014-05-31_0018.jpg 2014-05-31_0019.jpg 2014-05-31_0020.jpg 2014-05-31_0023.jpg 2014-05-31_0025.jpg 2014-05-31_0024.jpg 2014-05-31_0026.jpg 2014-05-31_0027.jpg 2014-05-31_0028.jpg 2014-05-31_0030.jpg 2014-05-31_0031.jpg 2014-05-31_0029.jpg 2014-05-31_0032.jpg 2014-05-31_0017.jpg 2014-05-31_0033.jpg 2014-05-31_0034.jpg 2014-05-31_0038.jpg 2014-05-31_0036.jpg 2014-05-31_0037.jpg 2014-05-31_0039.jpg 2014-05-31_0040.jpg 2014-05-31_0041.jpg 2014-05-31_0042.jpg 2014-05-31_0043.jpg 2014-05-31_0044.jpg 2014-05-31_0045.jpg 2014-05-31_0046.jpg 2014-05-31_0008.jpg