Ella Jane & Nick, Enfianced | Austin Wedding Photography

Not long after I moved to Austin, I had the pleasure of meeting a charming little Kiwi girl named Ella Jane. Not long after that, she got engaged to her equally adorable counterpart, Nick. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new friends during the beginning stages of their wedding plans, and am thrilled and honored to be their photographer.

Their engagement session was out of the ordinary, to say the least. We began at the deliciously morbid "Til Death Do Us Part" mural and then walked down to their favorite bar for some Grasshoppers and pool while we waited for the sun to set. Ella Jane came to me with the brilliant idea to take our shoot down to the carnival -- a setting that turned out to be as hilarious and unique as the couple in front of the camera. It was by far my favorite shoot this year, and I can't wait for our follow-up session with their puppy!