Capitol Theatre Wedding: Laura and Donny

I met Laura years ago when I was living in Seattle and instantly adored her. She has a twinkling smile, impeccable taste, and a general joie-de-vivre that just makes you want to give her a hug. She found a wonderful match in Donny, who has a natural ease and a mischievous grin that lights up the room. When Laura asked me to be her photographer, I was more than thrilled. Having photographed her cousin/Matron of Honor/my lovely friend Meg's wedding, I knew I was in for a treat. This family is something special, and of all their fabulous qualities, one of my favorites is that they know how to throw a serious party. The setting was the historic Capitol Theatre in Yakima, Washington, a stone's throw from the family winery, Gilbert Cellars. The venue embodied luxe and vintage glamour, with rich colors and textures that provided a stunning palette. As Laura and Donny said their vows on the grand stage, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Cocktails and dinner were held backstage, in what appeared to be the coolest wrap party of all time. Wild greenery, fresh pears and apples adorned the tables, echoing the fruitful land of the couple's hometown, while providing a fabulous contrast to the industrial backstage of the antique theatre. Laughter, tears, and (obviously) wine was in abundance as the couple and their dear ones partied the night away. I'll never forget the sweet looks of love between Laura and Donny as their family toasted the union. May their marriage be even more beautiful than their wedding! 2016-02-10_0010.jpg 2016-02-10_0007.jpg 2016-02-10_0006.jpg 2016-02-10_0002.jpg 2016-02-10_0003.jpg 2016-02-10_0004.jpg 2016-02-10_0005.jpg 2016-02-10_0001.jpg 2016-02-10_0009.jpg 2016-02-10_0022.jpg 2016-02-10_0018.jpg 2016-02-10_0020.jpg 2016-02-10_0021.jpg 2016-02-10_0019.jpg 2016-02-10_0017.jpg 2016-02-10_0037.jpg 2016-02-10_0039.jpg 2016-02-10_0036.jpg2016-02-10_0038.jpg

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