Canyonwood Ridge Wedding: Brooke & Austin

Austin and Brooke have a true young love story. They met as 4 year olds, playing together while their older brothers were at Little League... and the rest is history! They said their vows in front of their loved ones at the stunning Canyonwood Ridge in Dripping Springs. After the ceremony, the couple stole away for a few minutes alone, in which Austin played the piano for his bride. Swoon! The sweet (and silly) looks Brooke and Austin shared all night left no doubt of the true, honest, and head-over-heels love between them. 2016-07-07_0037.jpg 2016-07-07_0025.jpg 2016-07-07_0026.jpg 2016-07-07_0028.jpg 2016-07-07_0027.jpg 2016-07-07_0002.jpg 2016-07-07_0005.jpg 2016-07-07_0004.jpg 2016-07-07_0009.jpg 2016-07-07_0006.jpg 2016-07-07_0010.jpg 2016-07-07_0008.jpg 2016-07-07_0011.jpg 2016-07-07_0034.jpg 2016-07-07_0013.jpg 2016-07-07_0032.jpg2016-07-07_0012.jpg 2016-07-07_0031.jpg 2016-07-07_0036.jpg2016-07-07_0030.jpg

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Vendor Love: 

Venue: Canyonwood Ridge 

Coordinator: Heavenly Day Events

Florist: Sweet Magnolia

Cake: Sweet Treets and Hey Cupcake

Caterer: Royal Fig

Makeup artist: Avery Allen

Hair Stylist: Danann Patrick

DJ: Toast Entertainment

Videographer: Adam Grumbo